GET Big Bore

GET Big Bore

I know it’s not the most popular option but it could be cool to have a spot to discuss any Big Bore GET projects.

I just built a 58.1cc motor with the Racefarm Kit.
The kit includes the piston, rings, pin, locks and a pretty solid head gasket.
A buddy and I decided to pull the trigger at the same time so at least if we blow up we can do it together. Everything’s more fun with a friend especially wasting money on a ruckus.

I haven’t built a motor in… 10 years but the little 49cc is pretty straight forward.
After using a brand new torque wrench and breaking the first crankcase bolt things went pretty straight forward.

It fired right up and i let it heat up to op temp. I need to let it heat up once more, oil change then start riding a bit.

Currently I will be trying the stock carb, a yoshi exhaust, basically the same setup i had on my GET which performed well. I didn’t want to change to much before seeing how it performs.
If any one is working on one or has a bbk any advise or build tips would be cool.


You’re on the right track. The RF kit is a known quality piece. You also are correct in not adding to many variables at one time. If you dig through the FB ruckus groups there are occasional posts regarding the BB and tuning. Best of luck and welcome to TR!

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Thank you!

I had one of the first 58cc GET motors from JC racing back in '09. I had 2 in fact, since I blew one up.

In the beginning, you might not notice a difference. Give it about 1000 miles. You will start noticing how much faster you GET around town compared to stock after your motor breaks in.

A highly tuned GET can reach 60 mph. Something to shoot for. Good luck and keep us posted.


I have had on for many miles. To GET the most out of it you will need a cam and ported head. Cheers. HP!

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This is good to hear. Is it still pretty reliable?

Oh man one blew up? what happen?

On my stock my record is 57. but thats with a tail wind down a long incline. Fingers crossed for those speeds again.

Back then, we were using wiseco pistons and the engine would burn oil. We used to call my ruck the first 2stroke 4stroke because it would eat about 100ml of oil every full tank of gas.

I didn’t know this at first and the engine seized from having no oil.

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I just picked up a kit from RF too. This will be my second build. I did the minimum on my last one and was able to hit 60. The motor seized probably due to lack of oil. Got the titanium valves from MNNTHBX. Definitely gonna do an aftermarket cam, pc20 carb, and port n polish. Maybe deck the head.


haha the first 2 stroke 4 stroke. Nice, i hope its solid but il make sure to keep an eye on the oil. I am breaking it in with this “break in oil” and sent everything out for coating. Fingers crossed It’s not quite as bad.

I was struggling to get the piston with the rings into the bore. I was able to somehow get the first ring in but there is basically no room for hands let alone my big paws.
I ended up 3d printing a foe cylinder to put everything into. Just a 1 pass very thin ring about twice the height of the ring set. Then pushed the whole thing into the case. Leaving the 3d print around the rod and i just cut it off after everything went right in.

Just thought id share if any one needs a hand getting this together.


GET a soda can, cut off top and bottom, make a cut lengthwise. Wrap around piston w a hose clamp. Push in.



Where did you send the motor to get bored out? I have rf bb kit sitting on a shelf.

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US Chrome in Wisconsin

Thank you.

sorry for the super late reply, yes us chrome. they where great, they will also coat the piston,
Racefarm had an issue with the last batch and send them out uncoated for some reason.
Also for break in, i used dr-40 oil (special brake in oil) not sure if it helped but everything is working really well. Good luck with the proejct

Thanks for the reply. Hopefully over the winter i can tear it down and send it out. How much did they charge?

I believe it was 80 for the bore, 30ish for coating…plus shipping there and back. It was perfect!
Right now i’m stock carb, stock cam, stock everything internal except piston with all the normal mods, cdi variator, exhaust, intake and i hit 50 all the time at 230lb topping out at 55 with met gears but its super easy to get there. no hill needed lol.