2020 Monkey/Z50

2020 Monkey/Z50

My Custom 2020 Z50…
I made the Frame & Swingarm,Seat & Handlebars.
Aftermarket CT70 Front end.
1.8 Gallon Custom Gas Tank.
2015 Honda Grom Wheels Powder Coated Candy Red of Sparkle Silver.
ZS190 Engine.About 95% Done…


This is pretty cool man! Got any close up pictures of the rear swing arm? Looks interesting. :nerd_face:

That thing is gonna haul ass

New Swingarm version #general-honda-ruckus:2stroke-swap

Is that a Grom swing arm? I didn’t want to judge but that first one looked rather sketchy

Started as a stock Grom Swingarm I modified.

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