Anyone ever use BGM forks?

Anyone ever use BGM forks?

Anyone here use the BGM forks? I’m asking because the axle hole is set back and it gives a few more degrees of rake than I would like and prohibits me from using any of the front fenders I have.

My question is this: can I take off the little “bling” piece and drill that out, to be the axle hole that I would use, without drilling into the part that holds oil?

Help would be appreciated- don’t really want to fuck up a set of nice shocks.


While I haven’t used these forks, I’d guess that the bolt for the oil is recessed above the area you’d like to drill so you should be okay. Is the fork open at all on the bottom that you can look up in there?

i have these forks what fender are youbtrying to use

Here’s a couple shots of how it won’t work

image image

You can see how the front is too high and the rear runs on the tire

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Have you tried flipping the fender 180 degrees?

Not interested in doing that! :joy::joy::joy:


Post a picture of the backside (Inside) of the fork. Its one of the most weight bearing points on your bike (especially when stopping) so I would hesitate on the drilling. I would even try and flipping the forks around and running your caliper on the other side? Maybe? Lol.