Bogging issue plus possible over heat?

Bogging issue plus possible over heat?

I have a 2009 and I did the airbox eliminator from TRS, put in an 85 main and 38 idle, it ran but had some bogging issues. I switched it to a 80 and still has the bogging issues, but what’s worst is when it bogs and I shut it down, it won’t start back up again till about maybe 2 hours later, if lucky. It is making me think it might be over heating. I don’t have the stock speedometer but the trail tech. How would I know if it is over heating?

Check your valve lash. Sounds like it’s too tight now

If it overheats, it should go into limp mode, where it would have just enough power to (maybe) pull itself. My '08 did that and I had to replace the thermostat.

Did it run good before the airbox delete? Did you clamp the filter directly to the carb, or use an intake tube? I always had best luck with a 4"-6" tube between the filter and the carb, a 38 slow jet and a 78-82 main jet.