Brent’s First Time Build

Brent’s First Time Build

Honda/Ruckus/ GET


Mods list:
Polini variator
Dr. Pulley sliders
Pink engagement springs
Open intake
AEM wideband
Hotlap Futomaki

Doppler R. Shock
Ncy bearing throttle
Chimera low seat
Chimera sequential tail light
Chubby bullet front blinkers
Zen Kustumz floating headlight
Mojo stretch
forward footpegs
front frame wire tuck
Weapon R coolant res.
RPro gas cap
MM Rising sun rad cover
Biltwell keystone handlebars
Ncy tank cover
FLP crown rad cap
FLP polished frame splitter
FLP polished front frame cover
Daytona mirrors

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Future updates:
On the way…
Adelin forks & front brakes
5-star 12” front wheel
RPro scallop pegs
Rpro Tail piece
FLP billet valve cover
Port and polished carburetor
Ronk stack
Custom rear fender

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New seat frame and tail light yesterday. Today shaved the tail light mount made a rear fender mount and cut the duck bill down.

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I installed a new floating headlight bracket, tucked the horn and threw a new pair of LED blinkers on the front

New stretch, hotlap exhaust, weapon R coolant tank, front wire tuck and installed a Wideband. It’s coming along nicely!


New Handlebars and some temporary mirrors

I should’ve had a wheel on this thing by now but it got lost in the mail.

That rear wheel is sick

Thanks, it a regular Douglas dish wheel. I’m at the car wash in the picture, our weather is getting nicer here so it makes it easier to get out and keep things clean.

What’s the rear fender from

It just the stock rear fender I cut off short and then heated it up with a heat gun to make it wider. It looks terrible in my opinion, I have a fiberglass one getting made right now.

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