CeCe Bruse PCX build

Built from 2020-2023:

Honda Ruckus/PCX swap:

Started off with a GY6 Ruckus and then bought a 2013 Honda PCX150 for 400 bucks, honestly the best way to get a swap for cheep too


I origanly wanted to try and sell all of the part that where not damage in the wreck but that wasn’t possible sadly because the bike did take a betting when it was in a wreck, so at least I was able to keep what was needed for the swap to work.


Crazy to think this engine only had 3020 miles on it.

Love how Tokyo Parts ships its parts.

Start of the build, sorry for not having more process phots, but was pretty straignt forward with the Tokyo Parts mount, and knew getting into it wiring would be my biggest issue.

My wheel story is kind of a long one so I’ll just keep it to the Cliffnote version. I, unfortunately, waited for a year for my wheels due to a bad wheel provider that’s huge in our community. The guy that I’ll leave nameless wouldn’t listen to what I needed, and after sending him detailed notes and photos he would send me wheels that I couldn’t use and just blatantly did the opposite of what I requested after telling me he understood and could do what I was asking. Maybe he didn’t understand or it could also just be he just didn’t care what I needed, and to add insult to injury he would tell me I was wrong. I think we did this dance for about a year and went back and forth with 3 different sets of wheels. The issue was that I needed a wheel where the drop center was not on the hub side of the wheel. This was because the Rear disc brake setup would hit the drop-center. After talking with MM Wheels one time I knew he was the company that I should have gone with first because he knew exactly what I needed without me needing to explain.


2007 Honda Ruckus with a 2013 PCX Swap:

  • Tokyo Parts Mount
  • Fuel management Enigma
  • CVT Polini Tuning Hi Speed 9 Roller Weights in 9.2g
  • Lightened Clutch bell and Drive face
  • NCY Secondary Bearing Spring
  • Blue Clutch Torque Spring
  • Rear brake disc set up by Harvey Edden
  • Font and rear Brembo brakes
  • Machin Machin wheels (Only company that understood what I needed for the Rear brake set up, wheel drop can not be on the hub side.)
  • Dress up kit from FLP
  • Composimo lower headlight bracket
    *Credit to Daniel Brooks for doing the pre-wiring, and I did the dress up afterwords.

Future updates:

  • Rucksters rPro chin bone
  • Thinking of doing another set up for the bars
  • Godzilla Tail
  • Different wheels with my design (coming soon)
  • More CVT tuning and changing out final gears:



Looks good man. Nice job. Those last few pics definitely look like tail of the dragon… jealous. Funny that your motor had 4 miles more than mine when you started. Must be something about the 3k mile mark for these stock PCX. :laughing:

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Thank man, and yes this was on the Dragon. I feel lucky I got out there that year. Can’t wait to go this year with the new bike.