COVID-19 Check-in

What’s up everyone,

I just wanted to see how everyone is doing. I’m in Seattle, WA. I’ve been on to this shit since early January since that first guy in the US who has it is from this area. I mean, common sense says that he got it from China, and probably infected a whole bunch of people from there to his house.

Since I work remotely anyway, nothing has really changed much for me but downtown Seattle is pretty much dead. Everything is closed or closing, and if you are a local business that doesn’t rely on tech, you are pretty much screwed. Some of the bigger chains are okay, but the mom’s and pop’s stores that have been around for decades have permanently come to a close. Lots of people in the service industry here in downtown so imagine when all the service is unnecessary.

Grocery markets are restocking the shelves. Being originally from LA, and comparing to that situation right now (Tuesday 3/17), it wasn’t as bad as it was in Washington, and I’m guessing because

A) people in LA are aggressive as hell, and
B), it’s not as densely populated.

I’d say Washington is about a few days ahead of California in terms of the impact, but shit, we all in the same boat right now.

Aside from that, people are still going outside to walk their dogs, and practicing social distancing. It’s not completely dead, but even if you did go outside, nothing is open anyway.

Stay healthy out there. Here are some links for your information. Please do your own research and get the facts.

One of the lead drug makers

And the NY times article about the first human trials. Be advised, this doesn’t mean vaccine. There shouldn’t be a paywall for this.


North east canada here🇨🇦, bars&nightclub are closed.
Restaurants are limited to ~50% of their customers daily… but most of the stores still open…
Took a while for our shitty Prime minister to close the border so we’re all kinda fucked with him leading Canada​:man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:


Michigan here, just outside of Detroit I guess most of the cases here are in this county or the neighboring county. I went Thursday to the store to get some things because everybody was saying it’s a good idea and it was busier than the week before Christmas.i couldn’t even find a shopping cart. No toilet paper, soap or cleaners, and food was scarce. (I think they here was only 2 confirmed cases in the state at that point). I guess people are aggressive here lol. Now I guess there is over 60 confirmed cases and our restaurants and bars are closed. I work in the tree care industry and have had a few customers call and cancel their scheduled work.


PA here. The cases are getting more and more here as well. We currently have a state non essential business shutdown. Fortunately I’m in the remodeling field, so I can still work. I’m doing the social distance thing as much as possible and keeping my hands washed(as normal). There’s rumblings it could be like this for months with a possible “shelter in place” to follow. Stay safe/healthy out there everyone.


SF Bay Area. We have a shelter in place order now. Most everything is shut down. Hospitals, gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants (just take out) are still open. I’m off work right now.


State capital of Oregon here.

The automotive shop I work at is 4 blocks from the capital building. We have a lot used by gov. Employees to park- it’s empty!
Restaurants can only offer take out- my GF will be laid off for 4 weeks- hopefully that is all…

The liquor stores are selling out because the bars are all closed, prople also buying 10 cartons of smokes at once…

Meat, rice and beans, pastas, and of course TP and related stuff are all gone. Restocking lasts all of 10 minutes until empty again.

You all be safe out there.


Orange country is still operating like normal but I would say it’s the younger generation and the older republicans that are out and about here… they still think it’s all BS until someone close to them gets it and things start to turn down hill for them. It’s going to stay like this for a bit until everyone see what it’s going to do to our hospitals just like how Italy is being effected now.

Wash your hands before smoking your bowl/joint/blunt/dab or use a new straw for your coke heads!!

Stay safe!


San Jose California Wednesday March 18th, I drove around today and the streets are still busy with cars. Its pretty normal. Most of the restaurants are still open just take out only. The parking lots are still half full.
I was talking to the Mailman today and he said it feels like a Saturday.

My country alone currently has 155 who tested positive and 5 have died.

Haven’t been to the grocery stores since the “shelter in Place” . We pre-prepared a week in advance. My brother is also a fisherman and they caught a 53 inch Sturgeon the other day. You can still hunt and Fish.

Mainstream news is constantly pounding in Covid19 news so Ive been avoiding it the past few days. Ill go to YouTube and catch the highlights.

Stay safe fellas.


Of all the time it took to bring TR back to life… now this… :cry:

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ATX here. Schools closed til April (for now), bars and restaurants closed. Most if not all tech jobs telecommute now. Waiting for the lockdown. Should be any day.

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San Jose CA. A large Military convoy spotted on the 101 freeway late last night.

There’s life in Seattle. I took a look from my roof top and saw people running, a bunch of cars on the road. Still a lot less than people than a typical Sunday at this time but not as it was a few weeks ago.


March 30th.
My county (santa clara) has 890 cases with 30 deaths.

Bay area is still lively. The park in front of my house always have people walking now. Its actually busier than usual. The parking lots are half full at the costcos and plazas. Lots of stores are still open but take out only.

My family and I are being extra careful and continuing to embrace staying home. We stocked up the freezers and fridge. We plan to ride it out, Avoid public places and social distance until summer hits.


Everything except Big Box stores closed up here in Upstate NY near Ithaca, and those all close earlier in the day than usual. Super creepy atmosphere. Barely anyone out and about. I’m in the remodeling field and the Governor shut us down a week and a half ago. Endured the nightmare of getting unemployment insurance set up, (the first time that opportunity has been extended to self-employed people), but I’m probably still 2 weeks out from getting my first check. So, trying not to run completely out of money. The upshot of all this is that I’m able to do mad projects around the house and become immersed in all my hobbies. Once I start getting that $1k/week from NYS, I’ll be stoked to take a paid Spring off. Riding the Ruck tomorrow should lighten my mood. Y’all stay safe out there in the bioweapon catastrophe.


South Carolina just went into a home or work order and i aint risking it other than to take Lil Boy Blue to the dyno. (automotive repairs are allowed under the order) In reality tho aint taking the risk to my fam and staying put other than for the basic essentials (weed, beer and smokes) Yall stay safe!!! Fall riders going to be everywhere this year lol

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