Decompression tube opinions?

Decompression tube opinions?

What is everyone’s opinion on decompression tubes for the GET motor? I’ve heard some say it’s snake oil and others that it’s necessary for not damaging the engine once modded. I’d definitely prefer not to run one for both looks and ability to check my oil but don’t want to grenade anything.

I’ve been witness to some of the fastest GETs and GY6 engines. I’ve never seen one those rucks use them.

The post 2006 GET has no need for it.
And if you have a pre 2006 you should get the timing chain tensioner from the post '06 GET.

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Just bought one for my 171cc gy6. Waiting to try it out😃

I would not recommend using one on the GY6. At least not one that connects to the dipstick / oil fill tube.

When you have the proper amount of oil in the engine the oil will go up the fill tube. The decompression tube then only vents the little bit of air in the fill tube, but if pressure builds up in the crank case the pressure will push the oil up the decompression tube. This can starve your engine of needed oil.

The dipstick tube is just not a good location to use.


honestly if
the valve cover vent was routed back into the intake, i would assume most of the issue would be gone or superficial. Provide positive case vent like the OEs intended, use a catch can if desired.