Doppler Shock

Everyone seems to rate the Doppler shock, so I’m gonna try it.

Got a few questions though…

Will the Doppler fit with my 12x5 DWT wheel? Seems to be conflicting answers.

The stock shock has an offset fork. I assume the Doppler fork is just wider and you pack it? It doesn’t end up twisted or anything?

MNNTBX website says they are adjustable from 210mm to 275mm. So I assume one shock coveres lowered bikes or not.

The ones I have seen for sale elsewhere don’t give a range, just a length. Is the length they quote the low, mid or high end of the adjustment?

Which models fit the ruckus? Is there a difference in the Doppler shocks other than the length?

I’m in the UK so cheapest to order from Germany rather than the US. But none of them will be noted as ‘for the ruckus’. Does anyone have the EAN/part number for the one that fits?


I emailed Doppler but haven’t heard back from them.

But, I THINK, it must be 475210 for the black one.

The white / blue / black versions of each shock have different numbers.

The one above seems to be 275mm long, the rest are greater (up to 330mm). And it has the fork and pin. So I think that’s the one!

That’s the best shock I ever had on my Ruckus. If you get one, you will love it. You can put it exactly how you need it. Your ride will be perfect for you. I think they might be going out of business soon but I don’t know that for a fact.