EFZ's 07 Rucktro

EFZ's 07 Rucktro

The Original Metruckus. Started out just a Met in a sea of Ruckuses. Right away I wanted it wanted to lower the seat. I got a rear frame from Jason at Battlescooter and the frames matched and the first Metruckus was born. I called it the Ruck-tro. A few years later it went to Standard functions for a engine Swap to GY6. A few years after we did a 170cc BBK kit and raced it at the US polini cup. A couple years after that the good fellas at Steadygarage had an old 232cc motor originally built by hawaiis Achi from the 808. My good friend Siii overhauled the entire motor. Then in 2016 on a Super Sunday ride it caught on fire, broke the engine mount and still made the whole ride back home. It stayed at Steady Garage where it received its first complete overhaul.

Heres how it sits now. Back from the Steady garage overhaul with a new Wire harness, a Diamond rear frame and seat, new engine mount and rear disk brake, new paint, custom battery box and new oil catch can. The only part that is original is the front leg shields. Over the Years its received stickers and decals since 2007.

Old photoshoot for motochamp magazine. maybe 2013
Image courtesy of Yu Yamamoto of Motochamp Magazine

Before the overhaul maybe 2014. with the rattlesnake pipe by BCmoto.

Mods list:

  • Steadygarage x Siii built 232cc GY6 engine
  • Steadygarage Diamond rear frame, taillight, and seat
  • Steadygarage custom Harness and battery box
  • Password JDM Kelvar gas tank cover
  • Drowsports Kevlar lower front wind deflector
  • Front KN Kikaku disc brake caliper
  • Lowered Dio front forks
  • Modified Rucksters R-Pro bars
  • Zombie Performance T bars
  • 12 inch Daytona 5 Spoke Wheels
  • Chimera hidden alluminum Kickstand
  • Killerscooter rear brake foot pegs
  • custom LED headlight conversion
  • Nissin master cylinder with Gold CRG lever
  • Kitaco gas gauge
  • AEM Air Fuel Meter
  • ATR rear Shock
  • ATR engine mount
  • Yoshimura exhaust with BCmoto Header

@Efeezhee you forgot the future zswap for an update :wink:


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Turbo Z swap am I right? :man_shrugging:t4:

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Thanks for the Shot out @Efeezhee! Probably the only 232cc without an oil cooler with no overheating issues. :no_good_man:


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