EFZ's 92 Yamaha Jog

Not a ruckus but just as fun to ride. I picked this up a year ago. Been wanting a 2 stroke for a minute and the minarelli engine is fantastic. Very cheap to modify and super easy to work on and tune. I Tried to keep it 49cc but I ended up installing a 70cc BBK kit a few weeks before super Sunday.

Photo courtesy of Justin from All Genius Material.

Mods list:

  • 70cc Malossi MHR replica kit 10mm
  • Polini 4 Race exhaust
    *10 inch Tanaka wheels
  • 180 km gauge cluster
  • 19mm Delorto BLK carb
  • 200mm YSS rear Shock
  • Malossi Rear Final Drive
  • ARTEK variator
  • Stage 6 5.5 Rollers
  • Stage 6 adjustable clutch red springs
  • Yellow Contra Spring
  • Malossi Kelvar Belt
  • MadMax rear taillight
  • STR8 Kickstart lever
  • Ratkoubou lower Fairing kit
  • Motul 710 2T oil
  • Panem paint

Future updates:

  • matching blue seat
  • MVT inner rotor
  • custom stretch kit

Zoom zoom zoom!!!

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Too fast for me.

I only saw the tail lights when Efeezhee rode the Jog :pensive:

Pffff… it’s slow compared to your bike. Hope it doesn’t rain this year. Haha

Me getting casually smoked by @Efeezhee


No tuck necessary :muscle: