Electric blink

Electric blink

So has anyone ever seen this?

When my key is on I get a full electronic blink every 10 seconds. I originally thought it was a flasher relay issue but now I can’t even start the bike. I reset the ecu and same outcome.


What was the last thing you did to it before this occurred? I remember something similar happened to my old ruckus and I think it had to do with flasher relay and led lights I had hooked up. Could be totally different but start with tracing back to last thing you did.

Last thing I did was check valve lash, replaced fuel filter, fuel pump

Fuel pump is either disconnected or broken. Bike won’t turn over if either. Cheers

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So I reset the ecu and it did the 3 pump to prime the carb but turned it off and back on again to get it to do it again and back to nothing

Battery dead?