Gbisk Metropolitan II-Smoker

Gbisk Metropolitan II-Smoker

I had a long thread on the old site to chronicle all the changes made to my 2002 Metro II just trying to make it as fast as the regular ol’ Mets/Rucks. That was exhausting so I ended up swapping.

Don’t have many pics, but only allowed to post one anyhow:

Started out stock GET - limited at 30mph downhill - ended up a 45mph top speed.

  • Switched to a regular Met ECU
  • Switch camshaft to Met
  • Ruckus swingarm
  • Polini variator with unknown rollers now
  • Open intake
  • Gutted Puch moped exhaust welded to the header

Engine swap to 2t came from a CPI Popcorn - 60+ mph and quick to get there after 70cc

  • 70cc Stage 6 kit
  • Case matched and ported
  • 21mm Dellorto PHBG carb
  • Tecno Evolution pipe
  • Naraku (?) racing variator
  • Racing clutch with heavy springs and contra

Ended up parting it out, but still love seeing what’s happening with the community.
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2002 Honda Metropolitan II
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