GET low budget build

GET low budget build

Due to covid I was always on fb marketplace and found a cheap recovered ruckus that needed a dmv inspection and I couldn’t work at the time so I decided why not do another GET lowbudget build🤷🏻‍♂️

So here it is, bought it completely f*ing destroyed with missing parts and build it back stock for the inspection with the spare parts I had laying around

Then I shaved the rear frame, painted it white and added a couple of parts🥸

Ported&polished the carb&intake🤓

Uploading: FCDAE3E2-ABC2-4BA6-8A32-5AA3BA7D5F05.jpeg… Uploading: 7AD86AF1-7271-40A3-A7CC-895B14546C5B.jpeg… Uploading: 3349FC18-8B1B-480E-8D64-E66D7405A314.jpeg…

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Decided to play a bit with the dr.pulley clutch with jog belt PL30207 (thanks to jay braxton for the tip)
Ended up losing top end but quicker acceleration so I went back to stock clutch


Full mod list:

Shaved rear frame
Modified “lowered” stock seat frame
Rear wire tuck
NCY 6.5" stretch kit
Ported carb
Ported intake
~5" intade hose& mesh air filter
Polini high speed variator
Tachometer KOSO
NCY cdi
battery tender JR
Tail light trs led strip
Custom headlight (one lens was cracked🥴)
Lowered headlight frame
NCY handlebar
Ebay chrome stem
PasswordJDM pegs
PasswordJDM kickstart
NCY front&rear drum brake
IRC tires
Modified stock cvt cover
Dr.pulley sliders

Was going 55mph@9800RPM on stock exhaust and ruck gears, bought met gears but never had the chance to mess with them… sold the bike since I needed more space in the garage


Looking good !

Thanks Ton, might be back in the scene one day… always wanted a met so we’ll see🌚

Same here bro but at the time there wasn’t any in the market for the met so I left it alone . Have you got any news back on the parts we discussed about :wink::wink:

No news sadly, dont think there’s some over here