Honda metropolitan 250cc swap

Honda metropolitan 250cc swap

The plan was to finish this build then post everything I did in one big post but I figured that I would forget what I did and stuff like that. I will be updating the build as I progress through it. If anyone has any questions along the way I will be glad to answer them to the best of my ability. Also tips would be helpful if anyone has any.


Here’s the original metro that I will be using for the swap. It was my cousins but since he got into an accident on my ruckus he’s letting me take over it and since I have it now, its time to combine my ruckus and the metro

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First things first: the mock up. In the picture I have the motor mocked up on the stock engine hanger. Its basically a perfect fit and probably the best length for the metro. The approximate wheel base is around 49ish to 50in.
For reference:
A stock ruckus is 49.8in
A stock elite 250 (the motor the engine is coming from) is 49.6in
A stock metropolitan is 46.9

Wheel base is important to me as it gives better stability at speed. In the ruckus, stretching the length is easy because of the frame and it doesn’t look weird because of the the design. However, doing a “ruckus” like stretch on a metro makes it look weird due to its bodywork and fairings (just my opinion, not taking away from the awesome builds that others have done with a stretch). I wanted it be as long as a stock elite 250 because if honda can make that be “stable” at 70+ mph then as long as I can match the wheelbase then it should also be just as stable or more. I say the elite 250 is “stable” but there’s a decent amount of reviews that say it gets kinda sketchy at those speeds. I would say that its due to it wheelbase which may be contributing to it but I also think its mainly because of the stock 10in wheels. With larger 12in wheels and better tires I think it should be fine even at the same wheelbase.


Next thing in the list is the radiator and its location. This is high on the list of important things as the location and size of the radiator dictate where the motor will be located length wise. Since I want to use the stock engine hanger and keep the same length as the previous post then I’m limited on options for the radiator. However, after searching and talking around I found that the reflex 250 radiator is a good size that will fit between the metro frame that should work.

Here is a picture of where I need to put the radiator.

Measurements of the reflex radiator

This is the reflex 250 and elite 250 radiator next to each other. Here you can see why I couldn’t use the elite 250 radiator like I could on the ruckus because I was able to push the engine further back.

Here’s the fit between the frame. Perfect!

Now the other problem is the stock reflex radiator fan is too large. So I ordered low profile fans from ebay that someone pointed me to. They fit perfectly height wise. They’re a little large so they need trimming but they fit.

Even with the low profile fans, it will run into the motor so the plan is to run it on the front and wire it as a push fan rather than a pull fan.

Here you can see how close it is to the motor and its not even on the location I want.

Next step is to actually mount the radiator to the frame.

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Zoom zoom! Keep us updated.

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We need updates!:astonished:

Nice build. With the Heavy 250cc you should consider a custom Steel tube rear Frame.

Been focusing on my car lately lol. Maybe I’ll get back to this with the gas prices though

Someone else said the same thing but I’ll see how this goes first. If it does feel like somethings off I’ll consider it a option