Hotlap Nori Maki exhaust

Hotlap Nori Maki exhaust

Just picked up a Hotlap Nori maki to team up with the Rock stack I have on a stock 2020 ruckus, that just has a polini variatior with 5.5 sliders. Anyone have experience with this combo or just the exhaust itself? Should I rejet from the 38/78?

I’d suggest riding the ruck around a bit and trying to adjust based on the performance. There are more factors to rejetting than simply adding an exhaust. Someone’s configuration may not be right for your environment


Thank you.Yes I certainly planned on that, just wondering if anyone had personal experience with that specific combo. I live in NYC so acceleration is key, which I am having luck with so far.

38/78 is a good jet setup if you have a velocity stack intake as well. Weights will be based off your rider weight.