How to choose your GET stretch length

How to choose your GET stretch length

Credit for this is unknown. It is a cut and paste of an image floating around Facebook.

Note I think there is an error on the first line. The engine angle complaint is only the 9.5” stretch.


Some other comparison pictures from Facebook for reference.

6.5” to 8” comparison (credit James Badger):

8” to 9” comparison (credit Nino Esteban):

Stock to 10” comparison (credit Jerome Delacruz):

Stock to 12” comparison (credit Joey Burdge):

6.5” to 12” comparison (credit unknown):

10” to 12.5” comparison (credit Joey Burdge):

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Don’t forget about the Kijima 6.5”

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Daytona 6" 310 shock for header clearance bad angle

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