How to find Website Links

Look here! Below is my list of websites. Some may no longer exist, so you’ll have to check. Feel free to add others below!


1. Information

Old version of this forum (US based although has a U.K. Section), currently not available:

Internet archive version of TR:

Totalruckus Pre totalruckus:

Stock Specs and information:

Honda Scooter Codes and info:,15700021,15700186,15700190,15700248&usg=ALkJrhhTC1kt0qLVfTdyn2KYVfhzunDMRw#AF

Battle scooter ruckus central forum:

Zoomer service manual (350Mb):

Zoomer service manual (10Mb):

Metropolitan service manual:

2. UK - parts

It just compiles for sale data from various sites; eBay gumtree etc:

have a couple of pieces. Not the best quality, but cheap:

have a few bits, but mainly generic and varieties etc:

similar to racing planet:

Similar to racing planet:

Stock bikes, custom bikes (mainly imports) and custom parts (seats, surf racks, etc):

Custom PCX swap parts:

UK distributor for theruckshop:

Parts, builds, bikes:

3. EU - parts

site where you Can buy new, old or local custom parts:

good EU site but don’t stock as much zoomer stuff as they used to do most of it is out of stock:

Custom parts, but don’t do much zoomer stuff anymore:

for stock parts:

Oslo Zoomer Garage - make custom bikes:

Some Custom parts:

4. Japan - parts

Sells everything:

Sells everything but you need to use google translate:,15700021,15700105,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700201&usg=ALkJrhi-ElBrdCFxoe8ue5GT3wfQEom3_g

Quality custom design:

5. USA - parts

custom parts:

Custom parts:

Custom parts:

Custom parts:

Custom parts:

Custom parts:

Custom parts:

Custom parts:

Custom parts:

Custom parts:

Custom parts:

Custom wheels, hubs, parts:

Custom parts:

Custom parts/bikes:

Custom parts/bikes:

Dan Max custom parts:

Password JDM parts:

Ruckus parts. Mainly gy6 converted:

Sells all sorts of parts:

Sells versions of Pretty much all custom parts:

Sells all sorts of parts:

Sells all sorts of parts:

Sells all sorts of parts:

Sells all sorts of parts:

Sells all sorts of parts:

Don’t do much ruckus stuff anymore:

Rad Covers, ankle biters etc:

Various stuff:

Custom bikes and parts:

Custom parts:

Custom parts:

Carbon fibre parts:

Cup holders etc:

Met eyebrow lids:

Various stuff:

T-shirts etc:

Custom CNC stuff:

6. AliExpress - parts


BWSP Store:

Kemade Motor Spare Parts Store:

7. UK - Facebook Groups

Main one:

Pretty much a dead site:

8. EU - Facebook groups

Main one:

Italian group:

9. US - Facebook groups


US parts and bikes:

US parts and bikes:

US one:


Ruckus parts waffle page:

10. Blogs

How to’s etc:

Random ruckus articles including how-to’s:

Some FAQs:

Uk vlog:


This is what I’m talking about. Thanks for posting this!

Yeah thanks for all the links I got ahold of steez fabrication and he’s working on making me an “elusive rear fender” . :metal:

Not sure how many of these links still exist, but just found this post…

Links to 3D printer files…