How to install switchable Zoomer Polini CDI

How to install switchable Zoomer Polini CDI


Credit here goes to Snetram Lehcim. He doesn’t have a Zoomer anymore but am recreating his thread…

Even if you don’t make it switchable, it helps on how to install within the battery box.


How to make your Polini CDI switchable ( only for the people who has a Zoomer)

We in holland connect all the wires in the batterybox. And put the Polini CDI in the space behind the ECM.

polini red----- connect to the red wire with black stripe on the relais ( above battery)

polini black---- connect to the ground on frame

polini yellow-----connect to the yellow with blue strip on the grey comp.connector

then cut the pink with blue stripe (injectorwire) on black comp.connector
on the ECM side connect the polini pink wire
on the injector side connect the polini blue wire
This is without the switch.

Take a 2 way switch who goes on/on and who stays on.
the pink with blue stripe from the injector connect to the main of the 2 way switch.
the pink with blue stripe connected to the pink poline wire must also be connected to one of the switchable side of the switch.
the other switchable side must be connected to blue polini wire
This is with the switch.

Enjoy the puzzle !!!




Does it need a switch

The Polini instructions can be found here:

You don’t need a switch, but in some European countries it is illegal to modify and they test performance at the side of the road. Hence the need to be able to switch.

The stock polini instructions connect under the seat direct to engine. The above allows you to install in the battery box.

Ok thank u