Jet problem

Jet problem

I had this issue with my get. I’ve deleted the air box, replaced the exhaust and rejetted.I originally started with 38/82 and worked my way through to a lower jets as well as the intake hose. Thing problem is the 38 jets make the bike idle at 4000 rpm. If adjust the idle, but nothing works, it always works it way back up to 4000rmp. So I put the 35 back in, but it doesn’t run quite right. Just looking for some fresh ideas to make her run right. Thanks

Is that after the warm up cycle. GET has like a 10 min high idle warm up :man_shrugging:

Basically The whole time it’s on. If I tap the throttle, sometimes it would come back down. I I’ve tried a bunch of things as well. Replaced the carb, tps, tried a different 38, and more. It just doesn’t like the 38, and I’d be fine with it. But it doesn’t run that great with the 35

I had this happen to me. Found out that my throttle was hanging up. Make sure your cable is free and that nothing is touching the throttle wheel. (where the throttle cable attaches to the carburetor)

Spent a day on this and finally figured it out. Try to Manually push the Throttle closed.


I figured out it was the jet size 38, that was causing the high idle. Im trying to figure out why it still runs kinda crummy with the 35. There’s no other jets to go with.