Kitaco iMap - Is it actually doing anything ?

Kitaco iMap - Is it actually doing anything ?

Hi all,

Does anyone here have any practical experience with the Kitaco iMap for the FI Zoomer.

My Zoomer came fitted with a Polini CDI which would happily get the bike up to 40MPH + but caused multiple starting and stalling issues, apparently this is a common problem with the Polini unit.

Wanting a more reliable bike I removed the CDI which returned the engine to stock.

The only other CDI option for the FI bike is the Kitaco iMap. I have fitted one of these but frankly have noticed little difference in the overall performance. I have checked my wiring several times and it looks fine to me. At the moment I’m playing around with slider weights to get the performance as good as possible but the top speed is still well short of that achieved with the Polini.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone in the UK or Europe who has a FI Zoomer and has installed an iMap with positive results.

My Zoomer is a 2007 UK model with a Polini variator, and 5g Dr Pulley sliders (about to try 5.5g). Got a tach fitted, highest reading around 8200rpm. I weight in around 225lb :flushed:

Thanks guys :+1: