Let's talk GY6 EFI for 150cc to 232cc

So, I am/was planning on running the Rolling Wrench EFI on my 232cc build, but recently I talked with some others that had attempted it EFI without any success. :man_shrugging:

Now I am wondering if anyone has successfully added fuel injection to their gy6. If you have successfully added fuel injection what kit did you go with and what size engine is your gy6, or did you piece the EFI parts together yourself?

A local had the ecotrons kit (I believe) on a 171, worked great but I don’t have any other infos… sorry🤷🏻‍♂️

Talked with others that had ran the WR EFI or just the generic EFI kits? From what I gathered doing a bit of digging is the regular electrons kits are doodoo but the kit WR uses is based off of the Microsquirt system which is significantly better. I spent a little of time tuning mine however my hand tuner was a part of a bad batch he got that would fuel cut so I’m currently waiting on a replacement hand tuner. The PnP kit for the GET is really well done and really simple to put on and get going

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