matRrucks Gyshit

matRrucks Gyshit

2004 GY6 ruckus build
:canada: :canada: :canada: :canada:
after seeing the ruckus builds in the Honda tuning magazine I always wanted one so bad so in 2014, I finally bought an used 04 stock ruckus!

Part list:


Rear custom shaved frame with tubular crossmember & customs laser cutted gussets
drilled for front&rear wire tuck
Mojo-customs gy6 7” fatty mount
Front frame cover
NCY tank cover
KIJIMA seat frame
TRS frame splitter

Gy6 150cc
11pole stator
Koso variator
Ncy gen4 clutch
Hoca gears 18/36
842 gates powelink belt
Ncy intake
Composimo angled clocking flange
Keihin pwk 28mm
20sprag/roller Heavy Duty starter clutch
1500 clutch&contra springs
Hotlap Mirasaki-Shibiku exhaust
ComposiMo anklebitter

Custom rear hub 4/110
TRS front hub 4/90 with upgraded bearing
12x4 & 12x7 (3+4) douglas dish wheel
140/70-12 avon viper rear tire
Still trying front tire to find a good fitment, I hate the stetched bicycle tire look lol(100/60)

Custom wire harness using the stock ECU& electric fuel pump
NCY cdi
Lithium ion Haijiu SPS battery ytz7s

adelin unbranded low down 300mm front fork
rear NCY low down shock 230mm

NCY rear brake
NCY caliper bracket
FRANDO hf1 caliper
Stage6 240mm disc
28” adelin brake hose
NCY electroplated disc bolts
NCY electroplated axle
PWJDM axle slider

PIAA p-3000 headlight with makoascooters triple tee cover/mount
Chimera tail light (fz09)
Drowsports front turn signals
Ebay led plate lights

rPRO v3 handlebar
Adelin brake levers
Stage6 throttle
Stock shaved left switch
KOSO DB02R speedo
Ebay bar end mirrors (the ones you cant see sh*t due to vibration lol)


rPRO batterybox Logo
FLP batterybox bolt kit
Pwjdm ignition cover
MiniMotoLab frame cap

MISC: not going Z125

Future updates: looking to run a weld racing rear wheel& custom matching ones…
Or a center cap for the dish wheel🤷🏻‍♂️

And a custom engine mount with bushing to reduce vibration similar to the ATRxStandardFunctions one

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The harness I made, diagram is not 100% finished but the major part is there! Old school with some crayolas lol.

Here’s another pic at local race event, the bike is mostly used as a pit bike​:metal:t3::racing_car:


Just received some parts from Rucksters, I can finally ditch the PWJDM pegs
Big thanks to Tony&the team, fast shipping and good quality as always!

don’t mind the white rear frame, it’s for another build

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Here’s some pics of a local event up here in canada hosted by scootertuning, came back home with a trophy & 150$ :nerd_face:


Congrats! Fantastic job!

Thank you sir!

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Sold the bike in September 2020 sadly, was mostly collecting dust in the garage since 2014… here’s some of the last pics

Bought an mt09 instead so I can ride legally on the highway🌚image

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