No Power after replacing battery

No Power after replacing battery

I’m a noob when it comes to rucks but i’ve owned mets, passports, grom, urban express, ct-70 ,etc so i have some idea what to do when buying a non working scooter.

But im stumped on this one. Normally it’s either power, fuel, carb.

With this ruck, when i bought it wouldn’t turn on so i replaced the battery, with a brand new one. when i turn the key, i get no indication that it’s turning on, but i do hear a click. im not sure if that is the fuel pump but it sounds like it.

I’ve replaced the 20 amp and 10 amp fuses. And replaced the BLue relay, and the Main relays. Still no power. What should i do next?

Have you checked the loom for damage? And have you checked all the earths are connected / good? If the frame has been painted they may need sanding back to metal.