Not A Ruckus (Prebug Zuma)

1998 Yamah Zuma

JDM Tail Light
Top Performance Variator Kit
Malossi Delta Clutch
Malossi MHR Bell
Polini Contessa 70cc Cylinde

I have a Yasuni C16 that will be added when I obtain larger carburetor. Most likely a Delorto 17.5. I need to keep range in mind somewhat, I like to daily my scoots.

The more I ride this thing the more I think about swapping one of these motors into a ruckus.



Please do the swap! My homie has a prebug and it rips but in a ruckus it would be amazing.

I seized the bitch, put the c16 on for fun, re jetted, was running great for a while, the airbox to carburetor coupler is worn out, it moved out of place and that leaned it out and seized it up. Will have to order ordered the same cylinder kit from DROW. The pipe makes it accelerate like crazy!

Had to stiffen the clutch springs up when the pipe was installed (green springs). Was running a 100 main jet (stock carb) with the c16. Added a tto tach, tto temp gauge, had settled on 6.75 gram sliders. Debating if im going to do a crank or not.

I decided to start messing with this one because I picked this thing up.

Finally broke down and bought a proper crankshaft. Standard stroke HPC crank for the vertical Minarelli. Plan to pull the engine this month and begin prepping for spring. I really want this thing in tip top shape for the summer. Also picked up a Dellorto 17.5 to go with it a few months back.

Dun Dun Dun…

Visual comparison.

Weight of stock with bearings.

Weight of TOP crank without bearings.

Welcome to my kitchen…