ogmofo aka kscustom

ogmofo aka kscustom



Mods list:
Daytona cdi
Daytona race var.
Opz chin bone
Full dio suspension and wheels disc brakes
Weisco BB OG version
Beefy head gasket
Arp bolts
Rpm pipe
Shit lights
Handlebars for maximum tuckage
8" extension it all we had at first id like to change this and the lights is all someday
Pc20 legit
Grey suede seat
Modified Daytona lowered seat bracket
Fender off your moms Chinese scooter hand painted like an amature
Stickers from all over the world cause people on TR are were awesome AF

**Misc:**i think i was member number 82 on the original. this the second or third time my post count was reincarnated


GET one soon if you can

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PB_1513959935891 the only old pic i got now

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