Oh my I finally went GY

Oh my I finally went GY

My first killerscooter Super Sunday was back in 2013. After that ride I was hooked. Over the years I’ve went through 3 Ruckuses. The previous two I kept GET but, finally decided to do a gy6 swap on the third. The Skinny GY6 swap kit available from DROWsports is what I went with.

This was the ruck a few months back.

And this is how she’s sitting now.
Still gotta get the exhaust welded up and a hanger fabbed for it. Absolutely loving how easy and simple the swap was.


nice mount!

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Probably the best gy6 mount!
Also, I always wondered how do the Ncy fork legs ride compared to stock or rrgs? Are they smooth or stiff as hell lol
Thanks in advance

I’ve only got to ride it for less than 20 miles so far. They seem pretty decent. I might go with some shorter ones in the future. Kinda got that reverse rake with my OCD vision

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I dig the knobbies. Looking good.