R6 Taillight always on?

R6 Taillight always on?

Hey everyone! Wondering if anyone knows how I could test the brake light switch to make sure that’s the issue? I have an R6 taillight that was working perfect then one day someone told me the brake light wasn’t flashing. When I went home I believe the issue it the brake light is stuck on (the light is bright). I’ve tried disconnecting the switch altogether and tried to connect the wires manually to see if the light would flash or dim down but nothing.

I also found out that 1 of the 3 rows of the left blinker leds do not work I guess the bulbs or connection burned out. I don’t think that has anything to do with it though.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

There is a wire on the right handlebars iirc it might have something in the controls. No shotty connections shorting out anywhere