RuckSolids Burgman 650 (Nicknamed - Suki)

RuckSolids Burgman 650 (Nicknamed - Suki)

So here is the Burgman 650 Executive that I got a killer deal on.
These were the for sale pictures:


And here I am stopping at the Bonneville Salt Flats on my way home from picking up the scooter.

Time to fix some things. First to remove the stereo and fix the fuse cover that is being held on with a drywall screw.
The old stereo and the holes left by the stereo:

Bought a used top clove box off eBay. Cleaned it up and fixed the fuse cover with carbon fiber and but some carbon fiber on the lower clove box to match the fuse cover.

Needed a backrest.
No backrest:

With new backrest:

Also had to get new tires and had to repair the front forks (one was blown out completely).

I will add pictures of my last road trip later.


Sweet ride

Thanks ogmofo

You plan on changing much later on?

As of right now Iā€™m only planning on new paint and a new bigger windscreen.

Oh and maybe a yosh pipe.

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Cool potato, so keeping it classy with a minor twist!

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So back in June I took a little road trip with my friend @mojo-customs up and down the Oregon coast.
Here are some of the pictures from that trip.

All packed up ready to roll. (You like my ghetto trunk?):

Mojo Customs has arrived:

Coos Bay:

Cruising the Oregon coast (it rained the first half of the day):

Had lots of good food, but this is the only picture I took of any of the food:

Made a stop at the Scooter Swap Shop:

All in all had a really good trip. Only down side was that I broke my fuel door off, a $60 fix.
Put a grand total of 1729.8 miles on the Burgie. Mojo tells me that was a short road trip.


That thing is slick!

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Bundy GB - not too far from me!!!

Needs more carbon!!! :grinning:

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