RuckThat's Copper+

RuckThat's Copper+



Mods list:

-Broom stick bars
-RRGS Low Downs
-3.5x10 Monkey Bike wheel
-90/90-10 tire
-220m Front Disk with NCY caliper shaved to a sketch level to fit inside the 3.5x10 wheel
-Ebay controls all wired in to the left side so no switch’s on right hand side.
-Copper Braided Front brake hose(flex points)

Rear End
-BR Lego mount welded up to about 12ish inches but for custom offset
-12x7 5+2 Douglas RockStar with a 1" spacer/adapter to got from MoJo 4x137 to 4x4
To my knowledge the only GET still around with a RockStar
-140/70/12 tire pumped up to around 50-60psi to clear the dipstick

Go Fast Parts
-Stock bore
-Polini variator
-Mix 5.5 and 5 rollers
-Gates belt
-PC20 with Direct filter
-Yellow Contra Spring
-Shaved Drive Face fins
-Full Met gears
-MNNTHBX SP bike custom made to be upswept

In her prime would do 60 all day at 10k Max Speed was 62.8 at 10.750 and I was expecting it to blow up lol. Nothing was better than the look of GY6 guys riding next to me at 60 wondering how!


Awesome build! Are your wheels powdered or anodized all the copper looks amazing :clap:t2:

@Trog everything is 100% copper plated. Real deal. And the black is a powder I found that matches the 09 Factory Flat black perfectly. The box is factory and everything else has been re powdered.

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:flushed::flushed::exploding_head: That’s sick!

Down to the seat hinges! Baller! :metal:

Thanks guys! Yea I went alittle over board in just the right spots I think with the copper. I don’t have any good pictures of the “ugly” side but it’s also got the MNNTHBX CVT cover complete plated along with the caliper bracket and bolts plated. They are sandwich between the black legs and black caliper so it seemed appropriate.

:cherries: :facepunch:t3: