Ruckus front frame

So I traded my old ruckus for a car few years ago and been wanting to build a new one. Have been looking for a cheap doner frame with title and haven’t had much luck finding one for cheap.
I seen that you can buy a brand new frame from Honda and was wondering if anyone has gone that route and then just get it inspected and registered as custom?

New front frames do NOT come with VIN #'s or any documentation. Depending on your state you would have to go the “custom bike” route which requires numerous inspections from law enforcement before being deemed road legal. Again, this all varies by state so it’s best to contact your local DMV for specific laws. Sometimes it’s best just to pay the $500 (average) of a used titled frame. These pop up on the FB classifieds quite a bit.

Yeah I know they don’t come with a VIN that’s why I asked if anyone has gone the inspection route and register as custom. Guess I’ll just keep looking