Ruckus GY6 build - "Kuzuri"

2013 Honda Ruckus GY6


Mods list:
rPro Monster V3 bars
rPro Monster TS Chin Bone
Adelin front disk and levers
NCY Bearing throttle
CRG 2" Blindspot mirrors
LED signals
Radiantz All-in-one 11.2" brakelight/signals
Custom seat w/Cheeky Seats cover
Stainless tank cover
rPro Stifler
rPro swing arm
Steady Garage exhaust
rPro side steps
MML gas cap
MML frame caps
Trail Tech Vapor on Dorbyworks mount
Stage 6 fuel gauge
rPro swap harness - full wire tuck
30 North front frame cover
Drowsports pegs
MNNTHBX peg legs
Composimo GY6 modular billet mount
Composimo key guard
Composimo Phiz Plate
Dorbyworks Case Brace
NCY green racing clutch w/yellow contra
NCY teflon coated variator
12g Dr. Pulley sliders
Dorbyworks plate frame
MNNTHBX plate lights
LED ground glow
Composimo inner frame caps
DWT solid dish wheels
Tire Stickers permanent custom stickers
Avon Viper Stryke 140/70-12
Kenda 100/60-12
rPro axle sliders
Allen head bolts w/billet washers
Yamaha R1 rear fender
Chimera/UNI filter intake
NCY aluminum intake manifold
Composimo clocking flange/riser
Adelin forks w/Composimo springs
NCY direct ignition coil
Drowsports fuel pump bracket
Billet left controls
HRH 2-piece gussets
FLP frame splitter
Drowsports CF starter motor cover
Dorbyworks 9 LED headlight
Steering dampener
ATR slammed coilover
Custom geometric snow camo paintjob
FLP kickstand
Ruckhouse rear hub
TRS front hub
Bobbed and molded rear frame

Future updates:

  • BBK
  • Zen footbrake