Scooter Videos

You know I have to do some self-promotion here, but since we are going all old school, let’s go full-blown. Post your favorite scooter videos.

Here are the ones that we made from our “golden era” and “scooter wars era”


Here my video from SS2017


Riderzblok 2017


New(wish) shoes for the Ruckus


The Ruckus Project (Directors Cut) Honda Ruckus

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That’s a great quality video. It needs more promotion!

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Great vid… can’t believe some of the parts I’m seeing on those bikes are that old…

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I thoroughly enjoyed thisRucksters Rox Japan 203

Hey guys,

Looking for some feedback on my videos. I am working on my filming and editing skills and hoping to continue produce good content that focuses on the custom ruckuses built by the community, as well as the builders of these custom scooters. I would also like to help the newbs like me get a better understanding of the parts on the bike as well as the vendors that continue to supply our community.

I’ve made several short episodes and would love feedback on the content provided. Is it too long? am I not focusing on the bike enough, or are the interviews too long and boring? what types of questions would interest you?

Here is the latest “docuseries” video I made.

I really like your style of videos that are currently out. I’ve watched them all at least twice. I appreciate how you highlight the builders and not just the bikes. We all here have seen a Ruckus but to get to know a bit about who builds them is a nice touch. :ok_hand:

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Thanks Jimmy!

That means a lot as I try to do my best in showcasing the builds and their builders/owners.

:joy: Had to…
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For a second there, I thought he was going to drop into the lake! lol (0:59)