So JDM it’s got two right feet

So JDM it’s got two right feet


3rd rebuild

rPro Mad Max Exhaust
rPro key
Mugen washers all over
FLP rear panel - modified
Brembo front caliper
Brembo YZF R6 front master
Goodridge brake lines
DR-25 heat shrink all around
Deutsche connectors all over the place
Some NGK here and there
Modified Mugen oil cap to gas cap
Polini carb
Fab’d front headlight bracket
Wire tuck
Custom seat
Some NCY crap
Custom stock GET harness converted to GY6
RRGS forks
DROW rear carbon fender
DROW front kevlar air dam
GY6 wheels
Power Pure SC’s - yes the rear needs to be flipped
ProTaper Raptors
Bargain bin grips
Some Amazon crap that looks good
Motul fluids errrrywhere
Mojo mount
Remote choke
Buttons that keep you guessing
Parking lights
Front fog light
Vibrant fittings
Koso volt
Chinese speedo
AEM wideband
JDM Honda CRX oem flair
A bunch of other crap I forget

Every bolt replaced
Every part repainted
Smoothed and polished frame - I WILL NEVER TO THAT AGAIN

Future drama:
Finish all the little details and Loctit that bitch up then prob end up selling it to buy another wife, I mean wooden boat.

Would have been cheaper to pay someone to do all the labor I did myself in entirety, including the custom machine shop work, aside the minimal welding. By handling everything myself I learned enough to take on much larger scale projects. Yeah it sucked spending $500 on sandpaper for example and tools to try and make things easier but I learned something from the school that teaches kids to learn good and took something away from it, lost but educated time (Insert Morgan Freeman: “you know, he’s right” meme). Built not bought because buying someone else’s past project kinda just sucks unless you rip it apart and rebuild from the ground up HEHE

Now, stop stealing all my tots.


How long did it take to polish the frame? Any cramps?

Longer than it should have, no matter how much power tools seem appealing, by hand us the best way. With sanding, prob could be done in 5-10 hours.

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