Started oil painting

Started oil painting

After Christmas with my money I decided to check off a bucket list item. Get on my Rembrandt…sso I used my monies and got stuff to oil paint :art: never painted on canvas before or with oil paint it went pretty well so I started another. If you could give me some feedback other then its good that would be supa



I’m not a painter, but anyone who can paint anything is skilled in my eyes. Looks great man.

I didnt know I could paint but wtf right. Took the landscape to my local hs art teacher and she told me to paint thinner, go to this contest and after renovations it will be at on display at the dane hansen museum. So I updated my tinder to artist with museum works.

It has an offer of 850 should I so choose wtf have i been doing

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Calling it broke republican gonna put it on ebay eventually still refining this one