stopping in to intro myself

1st post

glad I found this site when I did-lots of info/pics

not sure how much I will be posting

ill post up some pics of the 2019 im currently working on, :beers:


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Wut up. Glad to have you.

Hello to all.
The first Ruck I bought (03) didn’t run, and probably never would have, if I hadn’t found the original TR. I was on the site practically every day. Then one sad day it was gone. I looked and looked but to no avail.
Now while building Ruck three, I was searching for info on big bore kits, and lo and behold there it was.
I"m very glad to see the site up and running again. Who knows I may have gained enough knowledge to actually post an answer for a change. Instead of only questions.
Thanks to all.

Welcome home