Stretched Mono shock zuma build.

Stretched Mono shock zuma build.

Peace to all the people showing love for zuma’s out there.
A few years ago a buddy of mine bought an 09 zuma for $900 with 700 miles! a ridiculously good buy. It already had a yoshi on it too.
I truthfully never paid any attention to the zuma other than the race builds but he dropped it off as said ill buy whatever just make it look sweet.
This is how it look upon drop off.

I feel stock they are pretty terrible looking, but after poking around the internet and seeing some kick ass transformations and talking to some builders I was pumped to get the build underway.

This is it before first ride.

Luckily i scored the drow under cowl, and zubiku tail which totally makes the bike.
There were a few things i never got to dial in like the massive gauge cluster up top and the front headlights but he was pumped and we are all just happy to roll around together. Some parts took 3 months to wait on.

Last summer we hardly rode together and i guess he didn’t ride it more than a few miles, had to store it outside and i ended up buying the bike off him for a super solid cost.
This is how it sits now after rebuilding it in winter.

Im hoping to change the header, and i’m waiting on the front headlight cover but im pretty happy with it. It’s a blast to ride too.


such a beautiful zuma 125 build. very nice shock set up and custom seat!!!

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Thank you!

Holy EFF GUNDAM MAN! Was it powder coated? or wrapped?

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haha, super Gundamish! It’s all battleship grey 3m Wrap. Hoping to paint it this winter if i keep it.

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The face shield finally came in! I wrapped it and it doesn’t stick to well but it will work for now! I definitely like the look with the shield despite high beam pretty much not existing.


Holy shit this is incredible!

What caused the shield to not stick well?

The one I ended up with is some kind of fux carbon fiber. Almost a fake print then some epoxy over it. I think it just needs to be sanded first.

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