Surging over 9000?

Surging over 9000?

I’ve got a 2020 ruckus that has about 900 miles on it that I’ve put on it in the past month. It’s stock other than Ncy Cdi, Ncy coil, ngk iridium 9 heat range plug, polini variator and a mix of 4.5 and 5g sliders.

Periodically it feels like the power surges when at or above 9k. Any chance that a dealer would jet the bike leaner for higher elevation? Any other ideas?

Why did you up to a hotter plug? The jetting is possible depending on your location/altitude. Stock jetting is 35 pilot jet, 75 main jet. Take your carb out and check whats in there. Also you forgot to mention which belt?

Hotter? Isn’t stock an 8? I got whatever came in the rolling wrench ignition kit. In car stuff the higher the number the colder the plug.

Stock belt. It made a helluva mess after the first 100 miles of the new variator.

What’s the gvnr on the cdi

Your correct on the plug I had it backwards. The stock belt shredded after a 100miles? Thats not common id double check your cvt, all I run is oem bando’s and have had many last over 1k miles. What belt is in there now?

Stock belt. 900ish miles on it. I’ve yet to find a limit on the cdi and I’ve seen 10200 on the tach.

Well the cdi doesn’t have a limiter thats why you won’t find it, i’d pull the carb apart and see if your jetting has been changed

Pretty sure all have limits still except the blue Daytona but could be wrong.

i’m not looking for a limiter but there is surging above 9k. i know what the stock limiter felt/heard like. I’ve seen this turn 10300 on the tach before.