The Great Wheel Shortage of 2020...

Greetings to all! I’m writing this in hopes to create some dialogue about the current and potentially future state of parts manufacturing.

Seeing how we seem to all be facing a roller coaster of uncertainty, both in various industries and as individuals alike. I’m curious to see how people out there feel about where the Ruckus scene is headed and how the manufacturing of custom and aftermarket parts will be affected.

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Custom parts are still out there just not as popular as they have been… classic supply and demand. The groms came and the ruckus took a hit.

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Based on my conversations with fellow OG ruck members, the Grom scene took over. Although i started recently, I do see quite a few of new hobbyists joining the FB groups and there seems to be daily activity of posts asking for help. I am curious how this current influx of newbies compares to the apex of the ruckus scene.

Is/will the ruckus scene make a comeback?

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PCX swap revival first, then an electric swap movement!?!


If there was more PCX mounts on the market I would have gone that route. I made a go fund me a few years back for ‘The Electric Ruckus Project’ With no ends gained. I have been looking at electric motors and controllers for a while…

We have plenty of PCXs in the UK so once there is an affordable mount I hope to go that route.

We also have a NIU NGT and Gogoro viva which look prime As a base for an electric swap once they are old enough to buy broken or Second hand.

A GogoRuck would be bananas!.. :money_mouth_face:

The wait for wheels is unreal!

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I recently went to a manufacturer to see about barrels. This winter hopefully i should have an idea if an order is actually happening. Safety if the biggest hold up. But US made 2 and 3 piece wheels could be a thing. Fingers crossed.

Which aspect of safety is the issue? I’m currently having issues with the shop providing my wheels not giving accurate information on shipping dates. I have no problem waiting. I just don’t like when a business acts like I am a nuisance for asking about something I purchased. Every parts manufacturer I have dealt with over the last five months have been more than gracious about info except one. The wheel provider. I get that a lot of machine shops don’t have a certain business sense, (I have worked for some) but it’s wrong to offer something under false pretenses and then sensor any feedback regarding the matter at hand.


I meant for me to design and sell wheels as a company. And I total feel your pain, the wheels thing is terrible with stocking being crazy low because everyone uses solids made from the same company and some companies way of business is horrible.
I’m hoping I can solve the issue and be able to make some product that is in stock. But it is a little scary to be the first one on the road with them lol

Yeah R & D is a process for sure. It would be great to have another wheel dealer out there. Wire wheels would be awesome.

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Sorry for replying to an old post but …Hmmm leme guess. The wheel company that’s infamously known for their absolute dip shit level of customer appreciation and customer service you are speaking of has the initials of a popular brand of chocolate candy- melt in ur mouth, not in ur hands…. M.M.?


Yeah, this shop had blocked me on IG shortly after I ordered my wheels back in 2020 for a comment that was totally unrelated to me, my order or the shops quality of work… SMH… You get more bees with honey, and quite frankly this shop spits nothing but vinegar and salt…