The "What did you do to your Ruck today" thread...

The "What did you do to your Ruck today" thread...

I purchased a Taida GY6 67mm Water-cooled Performance Cylinder Kit - Forged Piston and some other parts from DROW Sports.

Not yet today but I’m putting on a new driveface and if that doesn’t speed things up switching up intakes… experimenting.

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Today I removed my front fender. (Not by choice, by hitting a pothole).

Ouch!! Hope it is an easy fix.

Ha, yeah just some new cable ties. I need longer shocks or a even lower profile tyre or more likely, just to avoid potholes!

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I grabbed some clay and started visualizing the suround for my headlights.

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In the UK, as part of the MoT, lights have to conform to set positions (which would be affected by altering ride height etc) therefore the lights need to be adjustable. Do you have this issue in the US?

Not really. These little scooters tend to slide by with a lot of questionable minor law breaking. But, this was just for visual so I could see how it will look, I plan on there being a little space all the way around the light for minor adjustments.

I made some brackets for my Ruck.

Shortened the wires on my Denali D2 LED headlights.

Today I contemplated heavily on filing or not filing this out…

What exactly are we looking at? Do you have a wider view to share?

:grin: Just a hub issue… I think it’s resolved.

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Mounted up my tail light today…

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Installed met gears on my GET(still need to retune)
Ohh and a small garage clean up, realized I had 2 GET1 and a met rear frame hiding away… never had a met tho lol

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I got to pick up my new Ruck today.


Is this the raffled bike?

Yes it is.


Thanks! It’s my first GY so it’s been a lot of fun riding it around.