Toaneezy Then and Now

(where it started)2004 METRod to current 2014 Grom

Honda MET/Honda Grom


Mods list:

  • Mojo custom swingarm stretch
    Mojo custom 2.5 lowering link
    Driven racing sprocket cover
    OTB cam clear cam cover
    Carbon aftermarket seat
    fork brace
    Braking wave front and rear rotor
    Ruckus Minimoto lab headlight converstion
    Protaper handlebar
    Oury grips
    led headlights
    Brock mini meg exhaust
    Kitaco rear shock
    Kitaco skid plate
    TB cam
    ECU reflash
    Takegawa cover
    Takegawa oil stick
    Over racing frame sliders
    Honda Monkey fork covers
    Koso temp gauge
    aftermarket brake and clutch lever
    RK gold chain
    JT 14t front sprocket
    Bike Master black rear sprocket
    Michelin Power Pure tires
    Driven racing rearsets
    Chimera Intake
    Racing mirrors
    Tyga windscreen wrap in gloss vinyl
    TST led integrated taillights

Future updates:

  • Sell the Grom and go back to a scoot😂

**Misc:**Deadbroke Crew


Bring back the Metrod

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A wiseman once said “keep the ruckus alive” :rofl:

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Anything for sale? :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

I agree for building another Met!!

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That wise man said, “Buy a Zuuma” :joy::no_good_man:t4:

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I always loved that met!

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Someone’s gotta buy my Grom first😂

Or 3 zuma’s😉

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