Won’t start when hot

Won’t start when hot

So I’ve had this re-occurring issue when I’m out riding around and I shut it off and do whatever for a few minutes. When I go to start it back up it turns over, very slowly, but I get nothing more.
It’s not a battery related issue because it’s turning over, but it’s really weak. And the scoot fired up immediately after sitting- even for a couple weeks at a time.

If I wait it out and have a smoke or two and fuck around on my phone, it will eventually fire up again.

Battery is fine, I have low mileage, I have exhaust and intake and have properly jetted. I’ve looked over every electrical connector including the coil, and I’m honesty baffled as to why this happens. I’m kind of afraid to ride if I know I have to make a stop somewhere.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Ever check the valve shim clearances? A slow cranking still can be a weaker battery but tight valves when hot could be an issue as well, then you shut it off and its too hot/tight, cools off some then fires up, usually the intake valve is the one.