Xkglow wiring

I picked up a xkglow license plate holder/brakes/turn from eBay. It did not include a wiring diagram. I cannot figure out how to wire it.
The only electrical connection that does anything is hooking up blue to positive and black to negative, then everything lights up at once. I cannot seem to get either blinker or brake light to illuminate individually. Help. I’m wiring it to my gy6 swapped ruckus with an ATR harness.

Do you have pictures of it you can post?

Here are a couple of the plates wires. No other combo seems to make anything light up, even directly

to a 12v battery

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Odd that the rest will ALL light up. Except that may be the combination for the stop light or running light mode.
I see 5 wires there… pretty standard rear light set up.

One wire is - for ground
One wire is + for running lights (all light up, but not as bright as stop light or maybe just every other light or some such)
one wire is + for left turn (lights on one side light up… maybe bright)
one wire is + for right turn (lights on other side light up… maybe bright)
one wire is + for stop light. (where they all light up bright… possibly brighter than the other modes)

Go about it methodically and you should be able to find which is which. Start with the one you think is - ground then test one by one with the remaining 4 wires and note what the lights do.

If things don’t make sense when using a certain wire as ground, then you might try using a different wire as your ground wire and go through the testing along with each of the other 4 wires one at a time. (keep track of the wires used for testing as ground wire)

Only one of those wires will be the proper grounding wire… You have 5 wires to choose from, so you’ll have at most 5 series of testing the other 4 wires to find the proper combinations to light them up as they need to be.
Let us know the results of how methodical testing worked.

Actually… thinking about it, all but the running lights mode should have them light up bright.

I contacted the company and apparently there is a problem with mine. I’ll send it in. They will send a new one out.

For future knowledge the color code is:
Purple=Left Turn Brown=Right Turn/Red=Brake
Blue=Running lights