Z swapped Honda ruckus

Z swapped Honda ruckus

Mods list:

Mini Moto lab Helm wheels 13x7 rear 12x4 front

RRGS caliper (front and rear)

RRGS axle covers

Adelin 220 rotor (front and rear)

GJMS slammed forks

Feign Axle

Front hub? came with the bike

Rear shock ? came with the bike

Amazon Led lights

ATR carbon fiber box

Rucksters V3 monster bars

Rucksters navi mount

Rucksters cup washer set

Rucksters step rails

MOS carbon fiber tank cover

MOS carbon fiber fan shroud

Racoon Designz flush mount gas cap

Magura rear and front master cylinders

Chimera rear disc mount

Chimera Z-swap mount

Zoomania Neck cover

Tokyo Parts frame caps

Zoomania side skirts

Rat Koubou seat Frame

Rat Koubou cvt cover

Rat Koubou fan cover

Stage 6 left control

Stage 6 quick throttle

Composimo key cover

Composimo Clocking Flange

Koso Tach

MNNTHBX rear sets and pegs

MNNTHBX turtle head

MNNTHBX triple tree

MNNTHBX kick stand

RC 158 Big bore

TST variator

PG clutch

RC torque driver

Daytona belt

Garmin GPS

Cheeky seats seat cover

Mivv exhaust custom header K-town speed shop

Michelin power pure

Ronk snap cap

Ronk velocity stack

Ninteen 38 single throttle conversion

stainless steel braided brake lines

Koso light weight flywheel

CODO light weight fan

HoBao valve heat sinks