Zswap build

Zswap build

Starting back up with the zswap build !
What y’all building ATM?


Slowly making changes to my $40 Ruck. But, I want to do a Z swap on my GET Ruck in the future.

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I’m still in the collecting parts stage for a ZumaRuck.

Keep posting picture, I want to watch your progress.

Let me know man I can help

Are u in my ruckzuma Facebook group?

What else do you need ?

Yes, I have seen your pictures there as well. But here it is much easier to look back at older posts if needed.

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Time and to finish the Ruckus I started for my wife.
As parts go: What I have is a working donor,and the mount. The Ruckus is mostly all in parts under my work bench, so there might be little odds and ends I will need to get. As for the tank I am planning on making a carbon fiber tank using a 2014 Metro sending unit.

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Cant wait to see you put that together !:slightly_smiling_face:
I’m starting back up on mine this weekend hopefully.

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Just need rotor and find a place to mount my airride . Need to make a mounting plate for my ECU and other stuff that goes inside the battery box.

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