Why are there no met ppl here yet!!! First met post goes to FATKID!!!

Insert pic here when I’m “aloud”

Soon to come the revamp of FATSLAPPER

New bars, new rear tire, new headlight


Nice tosee you here man! :metal:

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Hell ya glad to see you back!

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Hopefully this will motivate me to get her and updated and out and about again!! Since I didn’t see the members/rides thread I’ll use this as a question for any that I am sure will pop up since I am a noob at heart

I wish had your sticker placement skills.


I did something similar on my frame splitter. Nowhere near as nice. Sticker bomb is a skill that takes patience


That rear tire is die for a change since the first time you came to ride in Katy :call_me_hand:t3:

There are some of us here lurking


'Sup FatKid!

Sup man!? How you been??

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Whatcha mean… you just put it where you want it.

Lol. Everytime i try, it be looking fucked up. Wasting stickers.

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Just got some goodies from zen im stocking up for the summer refresh!!
image image


Tested out seem to work goood now to just jerry rig them in the whole. Wish I had real skills for times like these


Those bars are so nice. Where did you get them?

I got them from zenkustomz he does even cooler ones that are personalized!! Go check him out he is on insta,fb,or his website. Quality, and great guy to deal with

Nice I just checked out his website an he has some really cool stuff. I’m definitely going to get a few things. Thanks

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Just trying to GET by without shoving. You know how it is.

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Got out and got some stuff done

Modified the light to sit in the light fairing housing a little better…

Comes to find out it won’t fit… the back of the headlight is hitting the ignition a good amount to the fact where I think if I cut a indention to get it to fit I will ruin the headlight soo that is on the back burner for a sec.

On a positive note got the tail light installed that I got for Christmas last year!! Lol wasn’t sure if you would be able to see it with the wing but this sucker is bright enough to reflect off the shine of the amazing duckwing (handmade by the one and only greyduck himself) that I’m sure it won’t be an issue

Turned the wires from soldered together and then tapped to the correct connectors to plug in

But then when I went to test them out ran into another issue… instead of the blinkers flashing the whole bikes lights will blink every 10 secs or so… so strange!

Thinking it might be the relay itself shorting out. Will replace it and see if that fixes it.