RustyCage Ruckus PCX swap

I bought this 2013 PCX 150 for my Ruckus swap.
$750 with 3016 miles

Then, in the words of Francis Villareal, it was time for the harvest. :laughing:

She’s a filthy pig but I managed to GET some decent hardware out of the reaping.

Meanwhile, my first delivery of Tokyo Parts arrived. :heart_eyes:

Time to clean that som bish

Next, is time to build the TP mount. Damn those boys make quality stuff. :heart:

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Such a beautiful specimen I feel dirty touching it bare handed. :laughing:

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I couldn’t help myself. I’m still a LONG WAY from having all my parts, but I gotta start mocking up this beauty.

Hoping to do the engine mount later tonight or tomorrow in between college football games.

Did the axle swap so I can figure out rear wheel spacers with that hub.

That center shock mount is sexy AF

This mount is Delicious. I love the design so much.
Looks better than any other mount I’ve seen.

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Then I mounted the motor and rear shock.
It’s starting to look like something now. :blush:

I can’t stop staring at it. :laughing: