How To Met Fender on Ruckus TripleTree

How To Met Fender on Ruckus TripleTree

The ruckus triple tree is wider than the met triple tree. Therefore the stock met fender doesn’t fit over the ruckus tree without modification.

Original Fender:

Option 1 is to modify the original fender.

A) This can be done by trimming the sides of the original fender, although the rear panel may also have to be removed to fit the wheel dependent on wheel and shocks.

Photo courtesy of Tre Watkins:

Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Breigh

Photo courtesy of unknown:

B) The fender can apparently be heated to fit over (there is approx 1/2” different on width between the two trees).

Photo courtesy of unknown:

C) the fender can be cut down the middle and widened.

Photo courtesy of Michael French:

Options 2 is to fit a later 2013-2017 met fender. This requires modification and a new bracket also.

Later Fender:

Photos courtesy of Aaron Ford (he used to sell brackets):

Photos courtesy of Derek Marciniok:

Photos courtesy of Oslo Zoomer Garage:

Photos courtesy of Tommy Chan:

And a final one from Jay Braxton as to how to wire up the indicators:


My plan was to create a bracket for the later fender that can be laster cut and bent from one piece of metal.

Which I almost did, but it was two piece to allow washers to be used to adjust in both directions, and also it was for a different fender.

Link here:

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