i actually dont want anything in return. i just wanted to be nice and spread some generosity since i can without expecting anything in return from anybody, i dont even want the recognition either. the true spirit of giving. therefore id be happy to get something for someone if simply a name were to be picked out or i was told a name. i just recently built a completely brand new big bore gy6 ruckus from the ground up or frame up. literally. i started with complete bare frame and bought every single part all top notch brand new aftermarket and even all of the bolts, every single one of them brand new from honda parts. im nearly done with my build and i have a parts bin of brand new unused parts still in retail packaging that i bought early in the build and later found out that either due to my chosen mods or compatibility issues with other mods/parts, they just wouldnt work/fit, or i simply just changed my mind. so im already well stocked up just like if i were a scooter parts retail store. lol . so im certain i got something that a lucky person would surely appreciate.


That’s super nice!! Love the spirit!!

So the way it works is I post up and get everyone signed up and such give the names over to my sister (to keep it Anonymous) she sends out vics and then I will get the full list at Christmas to post up and reveal your santa if you can’t guess for yourself! Is the cliff notes to the event

Anyone GET theirs yet? My victim should GET theirs today!

Watch them mail boxes. Pretty sure deliveries start today

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that isn’t a spoiler or anything lol!!

I am awaiting mine to ship out!! I swear my house is the last one on the route. I don’t get my mail till around 7 pm everyday!!



Man I’ll be waiting by the window looking for the mail pig til after Christmas lol

Well its not me mails been here

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I keep looking who got the mail?

Not me. Not today at least. Checked already

I haven’t received anything either

Is this your gift to someone :rofl::rofl:

Not me… but I’m waiting until xmas anyway!

@Tanuki send seedless li-hing cherries and 7-11 creamy peach seed stat!

My victim Better open theirs immediately!

I can’t wait!! I want mine to come!!

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Does the person I send a gift to send one to me, or is it someone else?